Sarah Clayes Bibliography

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Media Articles about the Property


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Property Documentation


Title search documents on 657 Salem End Road


Massachusetts Historical Commission Inventory Form, Office of the Secretary, Boston, 4/16/80


Photographs of interior and exterior of the house, circa 2004-2005


“The Peter Clayes House,” Notes by Betsy Johnson, January 28, 2002.  These are extensive notes on the architecture, including photographs and pencil renderings of elevations and structures. 


Thomas Danforth/Framingham History


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Sarah Clayes/Thomas Danforth History


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Thomas Danforth/Simon Bradstreet Connection


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Salem Witch Trials


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Ashland Town Forect/Cowassock Woods Trail Map (with “caves” – where Sarah Clayes and her family supposedly hid before building the house – clearly marked)